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phpCA Classified Ads
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Latest News

• 30 Mar 2007
Version 0.5.6 available for download.

• 3 Sep 2006
Version 0.5.5a available for download (bug fixes and minor enhancements).

• 10 Sep 2005
phpCA goes online!

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What is phpCA?

PhpCA is a Classified Ads script, designed to compliment phpBB. Like phpBB it is high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable and most importantly Open Source. PhpCA is written in the PHP server language and utilises MySQL.

PhpCA is the ideal free Classified Ads solution for any site running phpBB.

Key Features

Uses your existing phpBB user database and sessions
Features phpBB style navigation
Comments system
Ability to charge for adverts using PayPal *
Ability to charge for adverts using 123Ticket *
Built in image functionality allows uploading and resizing of gif, jpg and png files (requires GD)
Powerful search utility
Automatic expiry and renewal chasing
Fully scaleable
Unlimited categories, sub categories and adverts
Multiple language interface
Templates separated from logic using phpBB's template system
All option configured using phpBB's ACP (Admin Control Panel)
Incorporates phpBB's bad word censors
Supports BBCode
RSS Feed
Includes integration scripts for ezPortal
  * Please note that there is a $50 charge for these scripts (including support). If you would like details then please register on the forum and send a PM to 'admin'.


Please feel free to register and place some ads on our test site. If you would like report a bug or make a suggestion please post a message on our board.


Click here to download code and installation guide.

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